the prettiest girl i ever saw

was sippin cider from a straw.


this is a picture of my boyfriend

Yes he is very nice, thank you.


and then there's fluff

Kittens are fantastic. You should find one and touch it!

You might enjoy this kitten's other modelling work here.


please be seated

Clever verandah designers make perfect pictures for late-night psychedelic adventuresses. I'd venture a guess of William St near Victoria St, North Melbourne. But who can say?

vernality approaches

Springtime is just around the corner. Longer stretches of palpable change in the weight and length of the day. The damp ground seeps through your jeans but is kept at bay by blanket barriers. Bikes wait patiently for the moment when the sun has sunk away and it's time to move to where we can warm our hands over tea lights.


with arms outstretched

The sun comes out at brief intervals and everyone rushes out to soak up the vitamins. This guy hung out like this for 15 minutes, drastically increasing his intake surface area. Lucky duck.



Refinishing wood is a remarkably satisfying task. The neighbours think you are a good girl for crafting so hard. They tell you so as they pass by. Sawdust in the creases of your skin and music in your ears. Upgrading workspace makes all the work feel better.